At Wyoming Outdoor Gear Exchange, we are passionate about the outdoors. We are committed to selling quality gear at the best prices possible to make the outdoors accessible and affordable for all levels of abilities. We care about the outdoors and the gear we sell and want to help people get the most out of the outdoors by sharing our knowledge, experience and great deals!


We believe in responsible environmental stewardship. We strive to run our business in a way that promotes our staff, local community, and the outdoor industry as a whole to become more effective at preserving our wilderness for generations to come.


At Wyoming Outdoor Gear Exchange, the workplace is fun, challenging, and rewarding. The ownership is veteran and woman owned. We are dedicated to a well-rounded success, including our customers, our sellers, our community and environment.


We strive not to take in any department store items. It is about the best quality in the marketplace today. All inventories are inspected for quality, functionality and safety. We want your purchase to be the right one and the safe one. All items are guaranteed to be as clean, undamaged and functional with no missing parts. Any exceptions to this will be note at the time of purchase.